Eterniti Motors, the London-based boutique luxury car manufacturer, unveiled its finalised debut vehicle: the Artemis at the Shanghai Motor Show 2013.  

After showcasing the design concept at the IAA in Frankfurt in 2011, the Artemis was showcased as a working prototype in Beijing Motor Show 2012.

The Artemis is the world’s first Super-SUV - a term created by Eterniti for a new class of vehicle providing higher levels of luxury, performance and exclusivity demanded by today’s wealthy car buyers, but which have not been available until now.

The Artemis has a limousine-like rear cabin featuring up to 100mm of additional legroom, twin reclining rear seats with heating and cooling, iPad-ready holders with electronic reveal, and a drinks chiller. This satisfies a specific need, particularly in Asian markets, for a car suitable for being both chauffeured in and driving for pleasure. Unlike a conventional limousine, an SUV can offer excellent handling and driver appeal, and the ride height and ruggedness are suitable for poor road surfaces which can make limousines and conventional high-performance cars completely impractical. The 4.8-litre twin-turbo V8 engine produces over 600bhp (441kW) and 750Nm (553 lb ft) torque, can accelerate from 0-100kph in 4.5 secs and can exceed 290 kph. The Artemis is the ultimate crossover.

Eterniti is establishing a network of wholly-owned showrooms in key centres. Its London headquarters also has an atelier and a build facility where vehicles are created and hand-built on-site to any specification.